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Daymi Updates
Daymi Updates

Recent changes, updates, and fixes: a brief update

v4.1.0: Enhancements to Issues
v4.0.0: New process form and views
v3.12.0: Enhanced inactivation transparency
v3.11.0: Bi-Weekly and Bi-Monthly schedule
v3.10.0: New dashboard look
v3.9.0: Multiple categories
v3.8.0: Enhancements to the Projects view
v3.7.0: Drill-downs in Analytics, time tracking in Tasks, and more
✨ Reflecting on 2023: A Year in Review
v3.6.0: Scorecard
v3.5.0: Introducing the Approver role
v3.4.0: New editor with file upload feature
v3.3.0: User happiness tracking and forecasting
v3.2.0: Task reports and enhanced details sidebar view/access
v3.1.0: Task assignment email alerts and subprocess rejection reasons
v3.0.0: Analytics
Explore the latest improvements 🔎
v2.31.0: File attachments added to task items
v2.30.0: Process template report
v2.29.0: Task sidebar grouping
v2.28.0: List view for projects, file attachments, and more
v2.27.0: Overview, subprocess history tracking, UAC
v2.26.0: Error reporting, prioritization, tasks panel in the dashboard
v2.25.0: Approval (4-eyes verification flow)
Explore the latest improvements 🧐
v2.24.0: Process Documentation Reports
v2.23.0: Subprocess insertion in Deployment view enabled
v2.22.0: Contact List
v2.21.0: 'Add subprocess' button
v2.20.0: Tasks ✍🏼
v2.19.0: Optional descriptions for Main Processes/Templates
v2.18.0: New brand - Daymi 👋🏼
v2.16.0: Templates deletion
v2.15.0: T+/- scheduling for templates
v2.14.0: Notifications for subprocess templates
v2.13.0: New templates creation form
v2.12.0: New template deployment view
v2.11.0: Projects view and new Process creation form
v2.10.0: Copy option
v2.9.0: Custom time sections
v2.8.0: Softer subprocess lockdown rules
Strivr - New Design and Tech Stack
Bug fixes and new design in Beta
Strivr is removing support for Internet Explorer
Faster load times
New features for notifications
Strivr Beta - New Design and Tech Stack
Working with Cross Teams in Strivr
API Bonanza
Audit Trail Export fix
Inactivate Main Processes