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v4.0.0: New process form and views
v4.0.0: New process form and views

Release date: 2024-05-23

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Daymi is excited to announce updates that enhance the visibility and management of your processes and controls. Our new process form for monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks, along with improved views, continues to streamline your workflow management.

📨 The new process form and updated views are now available to a select group of users. To be among the first to try them and learn more, please send your details to [email protected]. We will review your dashboard before activating the new features and explain the benefits.

What’s New in Daymi? 💫

Processes and Programs (limited)

  • Processes: We've introduced a new form tailored for monthly, quarterly, and yearly processes. This update makes it easier to add, edit, and review processes. The schedule is built around the 'T-Date', enabling better control over longer processes that span multiple months but need cohesive management.

  • Programs: Formerly known as 'processes', these are now renamed to 'programs'. They maintain the same structure and are ideal for combining subprocesses occurring at different frequencies.

Revamped Views (limited)

  • Column View : For users who prefer a calendar-style overview, the new column view offers a clear and organized visual of processes and programs.

  • Schedule Filters: Now conveniently located on the dashboard's top row, making it easier to access and use.

  • Week View: Provides a complete overview of the week, with each day displaying the scheduled processes and programs, allowing for efficient weekly planning.

  • Year View: Offers a comprehensive look at the entire year, ideal for overseeing monthly, quarterly, yearly processes and programs. This view is particularly useful for managing month-end processes and creating an annual reporting schedule.

Visual Enhancements

  • Timestamp Changes: Timestamps now display only hours for today's processes. For future processes, the exact time will appear when you hover over the date.

  • Other Visual Updates: Several small adjustments have been made to reduce clutter and enhance usability on the dashboard.

Errors are now Issues

  • Based on feedback from our UK customers, we decided to soften the term Errors, which is perceived as quite strong in some countries. The feature is now called Issues. We plan to spend more time improving them in the future, so stay tuned!

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