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v4.1.0: Enhancements to Issues
v4.1.0: Enhancements to Issues

Release date: 2024-06-06

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New features

We have implemented several enhancements to our issue management feature with this release to improve your experience and streamline your workflow. Here's what's new:

Impact field: Easily segregate issues by impact.

Responsible field. Assign responsibility to issues and send notifications to the responsible party once it is assigned and reported.

Issue ID. Ability to easily identify issues and track them internally.

Better CSV export. Ability to see tags and categories of a subprocess to which the issue is tied.

Issues processing instructions. Follow specific, step-by-step instructions for handling issues and incidents efficiently.

Improved Back-up Report: During regulatory reviews or Operational Due Diligence (ODD), you may often be required to showcase the processes you are handling. Instead of trying to explain these processes through fragmented documents, you can easily export the Daymi backup report. Read more here.

Bug fixes

During deployment, all notifications were being lost, requiring manual reassignment for each main process. This issue has now been fixed.

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