Release date: 2022-03-02

New Features

  • Implemented the feature that allows copying subprocesses within the process creation and process change forms (New process creation form).

  • Implemented edit user form that can be opened from User details by clicking a Change button.

  • Added time sections to dashboard routine views with labels specific to the routine chosen. It also includes an 'Upcoming' section.

  • Text editor for new process creation form. Supports:

    • Links, auto-link parsing.

    • Image pasting, drag&drop, resizing, embedding using links (image size limited to 10mb)

    • Bullet point and ordered lists

    • Word formatting: bold, italic, crossed out, underlined text

    • Text formatting (left, right, justified, centered)

    • Colored, highlighted text

    • 'Remove formatting' tool

    • Undo/redo via keyboard shortcuts

  • Users list CSV export in the Users list view.

Bug Fixes

  • Date and time in notification templates are now shown in the organization timezone.

  • 'Upcoming' section added to special routine views (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually), so subprocesses with 'Show in Upcoming' settings will appear in that section instead of on the same Main process multiple times.

  • Formatted hyperlinks will be shown with formatting specified in subprocess description.

Other Notes

  • Reduced the amount of Subprocess entities generated in the future from 2 years to 1 year. As a result, all entities with deadlines after 1 year are deleted except Once processes.

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