Previously some teams have had the Deadlines of their Subprocesses a couple of days before the actual deadline, because they take a while to process and having them show up on the deadline day is too short of a notice. To solve this we are introducing a new feature where you can configure all subprocesses to show up before the actual deadline.

You can set how many business days the subprocess should be visible before the actual deadline. The Dashboard now has a new section, called "Upcoming", where all upcoming subprocesses are visible.

How to? Let’s set new Monthly Fund with Routine recurrence on the 1st business day from the end of the month and choose it to be shown 5 business days before the actual deadline.

The process set with the deadline 2020-11-30 can be found on the dashboard’s Upcoming section from 2020-11-23 (5 business days earlier).

Your process will stay there, no matter what the status is (Not started, In Progress, Done) until Deadline day (or deadline week depending on view). On deadline day, it will show up in the correct time section for that view.

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