By clicking on the link to a Subprocess on the Dashboard, you can add a comment. For example, if something is wrong, a note to yourself or any other additional information you want to add to the specific task. The comments are logged and stored in Daymi.

As an example, this can be used as a minor incident log – “This went wrong today” or while working in a monthly process that spans over days, “I left off here – starting with this tomorrow”.

The comment will be visible when you use the export function so you can sort or filter exported data by commentaries. This can for example be used as a log for all Subprocesses with a specific comment.

Maybe use "Error" in the comment section when something went wrong with the specific Subprocess and then extract the data and filter only comments with "Error" and get a log of all Subprocesses that went wrong - perfect to send to your auditors (or..?).

Want to carry forward the last comment on the subprocess to the next deadline? Read this 👈🏼👨🏼‍🎓

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