The smaller the mistake, the more difficult it can be to find. Take back time spent looking for the information you need to get your tasks done - for instance, reconciliation breaks. Start using our new Carry forward comment functionality 💬 and give your team a heads-up 💡.

A user now can carry forward the last comment on the subprocess to the next deadline, so the next time someone executes the same process they will be able to see it and avoid having the same investigation again.

How to: Open the Details panel, leave a comment and use the special icon to copy the last comment ✅.

Few rules:

  • If the carry forward action is executed on an expired subprocess, the comment will be created on the closest upcoming deadline.

  • If the action is executed on a future deadline, the comment will be created on the subsequent deadline.

  • The carried comment will reflect the user who carried forward the comment.

Once you've carried forward your comment, you will find a small comment icon 💬 on the upcoming deadline on your Dashboard:

📌 Reconciliation is one example, this function can also be used to avoid repeating mistakes with less frequently performed tasks (for example, wrong monthly report to one of your clients), give a heads-up about a temporary workaround, or notify about broken Macro in Excel file for your daily NAV calculations.

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