📚 New Project? Get More Done With A Template

  • Easily manage your non-scheduled projects that are triggered by an event such as the hiring of a new staff member

  • Save time by reducing repetitive workflows

  • Increase flexibility and consistency with an easy update system

Use Templates for:

  • Onboarding of new staff

  • Complex Corporate Actions

  • Incident reporting

  • Board meetings

  • Yearly schedule for FSR and Tax-reporting/-payments

🏁 Get started using Templates

1️⃣ T+/- scheduling

If you work in the asset management industry, you are probably familiar with the abbreviations T+1, T+2 and T+3 which refer to the settlement dates of security transactions that occur on a transaction date plus one day, plus two days, and plus three days, respectively.

We wanted to apply a similar concept to our process templates.

Now, T+/- scheduling with the possibility to add notifications is available in our template functionality.

‘Once (T-days)’ allows users to create one-off subprocess templates triggered by a specific date.

Set T+1 for a subprocess to show up one business day after or T-3 if you want it to show up 3 business days before your desired ‘T-day’.

2️⃣ Reduce manual work

Deployment view now has a new configuration step where you can choose the ‘T-day’ from which on your process will be projected on. This allows you to easily change sub-processes’ deadlines without time-consuming work.

3️⃣ Notifications

When you are working through a project, you are going to want to receive automated notifications about the next steps or completed actions.

Strivr now allows all admin users to create templates for different reminders and have them automatically added when a process template is being used.

4️⃣ Projects View

In Projects View you can oversee and manage all your ad-hoc processes in one place.

Project View allows you to:

• View all your current ‘Once’ processes in one place

• Track and monitor ad-hoc projects’ progress and timeline

• Hide Projects from Today’s view

💡 If you have any feedback or question, don't hesitate to reach out to us on [email protected].

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