The core of Strivr is the recurring engine, meaning that you can set up a Process or Control once - and it will appear in the Dashboard when it's due.

Schedule options 📅

  • Daily: scheduled every day.

  • Weekly: scheduled every week on a chosen business day.

  • Monthly: scheduled every month on a chosen day.

  • Quarterly: scheduled every quarter on chosen month and day.

  • Yearly: scheduled every year on chosen month and day.

  • Once: scheduled on the given date only.

Only for Subprocess templates:

  • Once (T-days): allows users to create Once subprocess templates around a specific date: set T+1 for it to show up one business day after or T-3 if you want it to show up 3 business days before your desired T-date that can be set during template deployment.

Holidays ⛳

Here are a few things to keep in mind about non-working days and holidays when scheduling in Strivr:

  • Daily processes never occur on these types of days.

  • Weekly processes are adjusted to the day before the non-working day or holiday. If it's a Monday, processes are moved one day forward (📢 our general rule: no duplicates within the same period)

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly (calendar days type) processes are adjusted to the day before non-working day or holiday. If it's the 1st day of the period listed, processes are moved to the next business day.

  • Once (one-off) processes always occur one day before non-working day or holiday.

❗ The default for Strivr is to not include any holiday days, as these differ all around the world. See the Calendar article for information on how to create and plan for a holiday in Strivr.

Business days vs Calendar days 📆

On monthly, quarterly & yearly processes you have a ‘Days type’ menu. Here you can choose if you want your deadlines to appear on calendar days or business days.

If you choose business days, you have the option if you want to count from the beginning of the month or the end of the month.

So if you want the second business day of each month, then configure your process like this:

Alternatively, if you want to create a process that shows up in your workflow on the last business day of each month, then configure it like this:

Upcoming ⏰

You can set how many business days the subprocess should be visible before the actual deadline.

How to? Let’s set a monthly control/process with recurrence on the 1st business day from the end of the month - and choose it to be shown 5 business days before the actual deadline.

The control/process built with the deadline 2020-11-30 can be found on the dashboard’s ‘Upcoming’ section from 2020-11-23 (5 business days earlier).

Your control/process will stay in this view, regardless of the status (Not started, In Progress, Done) until Deadline day (or deadline week depending on your dashboard view).

Upon the deadline day you selected, the process/control will then show in the correct time section for that view.

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