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Configuring email notifications within Slack
Configuring email notifications within Slack

This guide assists in setting up Daymi notifications within Slack

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Discover how you can seamlessly receive Daymi notifications directly in your Slack channels, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Inform your team instantly via Slack about managing upcoming fund order cut-offs simply by replying to them beneath the automatic message from Daymi or receiving confirmation on completed FCA filings?

Setting up Notifications in Daymi & Slack

Step 1: Obtain Your Slack Email Address

Navigate to the channel you want to link with Daymi, access channel settings -> go to the Integrations tab -> click 'Send email to this channel (get an email address that posts incoming emails in this channel)' and copy the address.

You can also customize the appearance of email notifications by adding a name for it and uploading the Daymi logo to make it even more visible in the Slack channel.

👈Use this logo to make notifications even more visible.

Step 2: Adding Slack email to Daymi

Before configuring notifications, add your Slack email to Daymi's Contact List.

Access your Contact List from the menu on the left side -> click 'Add Contact' in the top-right corner -> copy the email address associated with your Slack workspace.

Step 3: Configuring notifications in Daymi

After adding your Slack email to Daymi's Contact List, select the processes for which you want to receive notifications.

If you're on the dashboard, click on the three dots on the main process card -> then click on 'Details'. You'll find the Notification tab there, where you can configure your notifications.

Choose your Slack email as the recipient and define notification rules based on your preferences.

Step 4: Receiving notifications

Once configured, notifications will be delivered directly to your Slack channel. You can engage with the notification by commenting, mentioning colleagues, or asking questions for clarification.

Additionally, each notification includes a link to the specific process in Daymi. Clicking on the link redirects you to the relevant deadline, where you can review comments and access additional information within Daymi.

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