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Send notifications and accessing Daymi in Microsoft Teams
Send notifications and accessing Daymi in Microsoft Teams

This guide helps set up Daymi notifications in Microsoft Teams and embed Daymi links in your workspace

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Discover how you can send notifications from Daymi straight into Microsoft Teams.

Would you like to be able to chat and, on the fly, tell the rest of the team that you will take care of the upcoming fund order cut-off? Or would you all like to receive confirmation that all FCA Filings have been sent?

Bonus info: Scroll down to the end of the article where we guide you on how to add Daymi to Microsoft Teams as an embedded website.

Setting up Notifications in Daymi & Teams

Step 1: Find your MS Teams email

Go to the channel name, and select More options -> Get email address.

The channel settings restrict who can send email. Check with a team owner or a channel moderator to see if '' email extension is added to a permission list for sending emails to the channel.

Read the Microsoft article here to troubleshoot email failures.

Step 2: Adding MS Teams email to Daymi

Before you set up notifications, add your MS Teams email to Daymi using our Contact List feature.

Go to your Contact List on the left side of the menu -> click on the 'Add Contact' button located in the top-right corner and copy the email address from your MS Teams.

Step 3: Setting up notifications in Daymi

After setting up your external contact and saving your MS Teams email in Daymi, choose the process for which you want to receive notifications. You can find a full description of notifications here.
If you're on the dashboard, click on the three dots on the main process card -> then click on 'Details'. You'll find the Notification tab there, where you can configure your notifications.
Select your MS Teams email as the recipient and set up rules for when you want to receive notifications and on what occasions.

Step 4: Receive notification

Here is the result of what a notification looks like in the MS Teams channel, where you can comment on it, ping your colleagues, and raise questions if there are any uncertainties.
Additionally, there is a link to a process. When clicking on it, you are directed to that specific deadline where you can read the comments left in Daymi for further explanation or additional information.

Bonus: Adding Daymi as a link in your Team

In MS Teams, you can add a separate tab next to your posts, files, notes to also include Daymi app and have everything in one place.
Click the plus sign in the top bar, search for the app 'website,' and add the tab named 'Daymi' with the Daymi address as ''.

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