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v2.15.0: T+/- scheduling for templates
v2.15.0: T+/- scheduling for templates

Release v2.15.0

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Release date: 2022-08-03

New Features:

  • T+/- scheduling for templates (watch this 3-minute video we recorded to learn more🎥):

Users can now create ‘Once’ subprocess templates around a specific date (T+0, T+1, T+2, etc.).

Deployment view now has an extra field called 'T date'. Selecting a date will adjust the deadlines of 'Once' subprocesses according to the specified T+/- days on each subprocess template. This panel is only visible if there are any ‘Once’ subprocess templates.

💡 All existing 'Once' subprocess templates were migrated to 'T+0' with the original time.

  • Confirmation popup that asks to approve requested operation (inactivating specific user, tag, process and etc.). Users will receive a message like the one shown in the GIF, asking them to confirm or cancel the action.

  • Strivr now tracks history to which main process a subprocess belonged over time.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing 'Enter' will not submit 'Deploy process' form unexpectedly anymore. Now process will be deployed only by clicking 'Deploy'.


  • The dashboard will now feature a larger comment box:

  • 'Calendar' page is renamed to 'Bank Holidays' and moved under the 'Users' menu (as of now, it’s only used for adding non-working days):

  • Subprocesses in 'Change process' form and 'Main process details' page will be sorted by active/inactive status, then by recurrence pattern in this order:

  1. Daily

  2. Weekly

  3. Monthly (Calendar)

  4. Monthly (Business)

  5. Quarterly (Calendar)

  6. Quarterly (Business)

  7. Yearly (Calendar)

  8. Yearly (Business)

  9. Once

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