Release date: 2022-06-09

When you are working through a project, you are going to want to receive automated notifications about the next steps or completed actions. Strivr now allows all admin users to create templates for all the various reminders you may want to get and have them automatically added when a process template is being deployed.

To create a notification template:

  1. Click on Processes → Main Processes Templates.

  2. Select template you want to edit → click on subprocess template.

  3. Click 'Notification Templates' tab.

You can add several notifications to each subprocess. There are four different time attributes:

  • Before deadline (dd/hh/mm)

  • On Deadline

  • After Deadline (dd/hh/mm)

  • When Subprocess is marked as complete

If you go back to Main Process Templates → Details page, you’ll find an indicator whether the subprocess template has notifications:

Deploying a Template

  1. Click ➕ button on the dashboard window and select the Deploy process option:

  2. You get to a new window where you chose a template and make some small and final adjustments (for example, change the date and time - notifications will be sent according to your set time).

    Here you can also see if a subprocess template contains notifications, Strivr displays an icon that indicates them:

  3. Once you have finished, press Deploy.

Deploying a process also includes notifications. The deployment flow set already fetched notification templates to a form and submit them all together:

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