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Daymi supports ‘one-off, ad-hoc processes’ that are grouped under the Once tab. These are most often used by deploying existing templates. Such processes allow users to easily manage their non-scheduled events or processes that are triggered by an event such as hiring of a new staff member, corporate actions, or yearly tax reporting 📋.

Thus far it’s been quite difficult to get an overview of these processes when using the standard views (Today’s, This Week, 4 weeks, etc.) They can sometimes get lost in the general workflow 🕵🏼‍♀️ or end up in the Overdue section.

But now, we have built a solution! Introducing Projects View…✨

Projects view

In this view, you can find your current ‘Once’ processes and manage Ad-hoc individual Projects.

There are three sections under this new Project View:

In progress – This shows all Main Processes that are overdue or have at least one subprocess with the status of ‘In Progress’ or ‘Done’ - no matter the deadline.

Completed – This shows all Main Processes that are completed and have a deadline of 10 calendar days before Today and 20 calendar days ahead.

Upcoming – This shows Main Processes with the status ‘Not started’ and a deadline of 10 calendar days ahead.

Once view

With the idea to not overcrowd Projects view, all other one-off ‘Once’ processes that do not comply with the rules listed above will be stored in Once view. We’d recommend using his section as your archive storage 📁.

Hide Projects from Today‘s view

To optimize your daily workflow and get a better overview in Today’s view, we have also introduced an option to filter out your ‘Once’ processes/projects.

Go back to Today view ➡ to the left on your dashboard, you can choose to display or hide the filter function. The filter gives you the possibility to only look at the frequencies you are interested in.

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