All activities are automatically stored in Strivr to provide you with a full Audit Trail/data of your processes. Use it to follow up incidents, improve your processes, or provide evidence in an audit.

In your Strivr account, navigate to Processes -> Reports and chose the Subprocess Performance tab:

Before carrying out an export, you’ll first need to choose the data you want to export.

Use the filters below to narrow the data down to the values you want to export:

  • Date range (select the date range of time entries to be exported)

  • Main processes/Subprocesses (select subprocesses you want to analyze)

  • Categories

  • Main process teams (which teams the process belongs to)

  • Tags

Data can be exported in PDF format:

The filter settings you select can be saved for the next time you visit:

If you want to export a more detailed CSV file, please read the below article:

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