For all those non-critical processes where you don’t feel the need for advanced notifications, the 'Missed deadlines email report' enables you to be aware of all the missed tasks so the actions can be taken immediately to reduce the likelihood of incidents.

This email report notifies about missed deadlines (if any) for the chosen Teams, Tags, or Categories and can be received daily, weekly, or both.

Set up your Missed deadlines email report

1. In your Strivr account, navigate to Users and select your user in the Users list:

2. Access your user and press Missed Deadlines Report Settings tab:

3. Choose how often you want to receive 'Missed deadlines email report' and for which Teams, Tags or Categories:

4. The report is delivered every morning (if Weekly setup - on Monday) by mail and looks like in the picture below:

What to do if you missed a deadline? Go back in the calendar and add a comment to subprocesses. The comments are logged and stored in Strivr.

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