This is probably the final release for the major release of the new Strivr App. Except for pages with new designs only available in the beta (click here to get instant access) a few bug fixes have been released.

New Features

  • Automatic organization select on login. It will remember which organization was selected last time.

  • New Invitations view - allows sending multiple invitations at once and allows you to cancel a pending invitation. (Beta only)

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted missed deadlines reports delivery time after DST.

  • Not possible to invite same users with the same e-mail.

  • Password policy requirements visible in user sign-up form.

  • Editing a Subprocess Template with expired date will present the user with a validation error - not a Server Error 500 🙏

Other Notes

  • New Dashboard will use split process to the different time sections as default (Beta only).

  • PDF-reports now use Strivr brand colors for Blue, Green and Red.

Any questions? Use the in-app chat or e-mail us at [email protected].

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