At the start of a new month, two things always come to mind: when are the deadlines and how to meet them on time. Many times your team is dependent on what other teams or co-workers are doing at the same time, e.g. calculating monthly NAV for the Fund that is administrated by you.

And, of course, sometimes it happens that your colleagues struggle with getting things done on time 🤷‍♂️. So setting due dates on your monthly tasks is a difficult process.

Setting the deadline for the first day of the month in Strivr is probably an OK plan 🤔 if you want to be safe and have your processes in Today's view for the rest of the month (Strivr is designed to give you a monthly overview on your dashboard). However, those tasks will crowd your Overdue section, which is not fun and obviously not quite right (we like Audit Trail reports to be correct, right? ✅).

How can the new feature start days be used in this case? By allowing a little extra time for each process of your Monthly tasks and setting realistic deadlines (perhaps the 10th day of a month?) and then using the start days option, you can move your tasks to the Upcoming section (in the below case, subprocess will show up 7 business days earlier).

Setting such deadlines will help you see monthly processes as more exclusive, and reduces the risk of getting incorrect data in your Audit logs.

At the end of the day, there are always things outside of our control that can cause delays, but this is one of the ways to help you have a Dashboard with correct information.

Give it a try! ⭐

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