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Strivr Beta - New Design and Tech Stack
Strivr Beta - New Design and Tech Stack
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Strivr’s new Dashboard is currently in beta test at select clients. This introduces a new front end built on the React Framework. It will not be publicly released until all views are redesigned and update to the new tech.

The new Dashboard and feaures can be accessed here:

What is new?

  • New Design

  • New view

  • Split Main Processes

  • Show subprocesses before deadline

  • Update future subprocesses

  • Optimized performance

New design

  • Menu bar Filter on the left side

  • Subprocess details open in right sidebar, can be left open while working with the Dashboard

  • Images in Descriptions are shown as thumbnails but can be expanded to actual size by clicking on them

  • Time sections can now be expanded/collapsed, so you can for example hide Overdue section

  • New list views

New View

  • You can now look 4 weeks into the future by using the new 4 weeks view

Split Main Processes

  • If you mark “Split processes” in the filter, all Main Processes will be split and put in the correct Time section (If you a Main Process that contain both morning and afternoon subprocesses, it will show on up both time sections)

Show subprocesses before deadline

  • You can configure all subprocesses to show up before the actual deadline - set how many days, business days or calendar days, the subprocess should be visible before the actual deadline. Find more.

Update future subprocesses

  • Upcoming subprocesses, for example tomorrow or next month, can now be marked as done today.

Optimized performance

  • The new Dashboard is almost 50% quicker than the old one.

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