Now deactivating a Main Process finally has a meaning!

Deactivating a Main Process will now deactivate all connected Subprocesses. Previously you had to inactivate all Subprocesses in order for them to not show in the Dashboard. This will make it much easier to inactivate and keep your dashboard update with only active processes. However, when you go back to old dates where the Process was still active, it will still be visible. The same logic applies to all reports.

  • Reports: Main Process Performance and Subprocess Performance reports filters now support categories. This will make it possible to get a status report on a specific category.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a subprocess couldn’t get marked as done if a category was removed from a category group. The bug were only to appear if the status on the category was already changed at least once.

Other notes

  • Removed "Is active" field from most of the forms, except User

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