Strivr API, version 1, allows you to automatically update the status of subprocesses in Strivr, without manual intervention.

In this version you can:

  • Set the status of a subprocess (Not started, In progress, Done)

  • Specify which users should be logged (Optionable, if not set, API User will be shown)

  • Add comments

  • Specify which Category (Optionable, if not set, the whole category group will be updated)

  • Get the list of users in the account

  • Specify date (Optionable, if not set, the currently active subprocess will be updated)

We are developing the API in close collaboration with our users, please contact us for any feature requests or cases not covered by the intial API

Developer documentation is avalaible here:

Other changes

  • Now you can chose to set a Team as responsible for a subprocess (previously only users could be responsible)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when updating Category for Subprocesses without historical status

  • Fixed error when changing routine time on a deployed subprocess.

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