You can add different notifications to Subprocesses and use Strivr to remind you and your colleagues about different processes - or use Strivr to communicate between teams through notifications.

You can add several notifications to each Subprocess. There are four different time-attributes:

  • Before deadline (dd/hh/mm)

  • On Deadline

  • After Deadline (dd/hh/mm)

  • When Subprocess is marked as complete

There are three different ways to receive or send notifications, by alarms in the portal (seen in pictures below), by sending an email, or via text messages to a phone number.

Some of the notifications simply work as reminders, the process might be red an hour before the deadline, send you an email on deadline, and a text message an hour after the deadline. They can also be used to send messages to other teams, co-workers, or external contacts.

Through the “On Complete” function (and the others if needed) you can inform people of interest when you are finished with a certain task and have them initiate their workflow or let them know that you are running late with the specific task today.

By using several alarms on the same Subprocess you can build your own escalation procedure, for example:

Having trouble with that really important regulatory report that has to be sent every month? Maybe create a portal notification a couple of days before the deadline. Only one day left and still not marked as complete? Add an email warning that is sent to the department in charge. Only 2 hours left and still not done!? Send a text message to the COO or CEO!

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